Notor - Landing Page Template for Notion Creators

Notor is a landing page template for Notion creators.

Setup a custom landing page to promote and sell your Notion templates in minutes. Add your copy, images and integrate it with your Lemon Squeezy or Gumroad shop. Connect it to a domain to use as a website or add it as a page to your existing Framer website.

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Personal license:
For personal use only. You cannot use this template for any client projects. Enter "0" to get it for FREE.

Commercial license:
For commercial and client projects. You can use this template to build websites for client projects.

Custom license:
Need help setting up the page? We've got you covered - you provide the copy + assets + link and we'll build the page for you.
* This does not include any changes to the layout but if that's what you want then get in touch.

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